I am currently exploring words on very simple cup and bowl forms. The clay lends physicality to the word; I like to play with the pot holding the text and the text holding the pot. The words on the clay – blessings, messages and decorations – serve as reminders to the holder, reflecting their goodness and playfulness, and that of life itself.  Carving is also utilized to create wave-like textures similar to the ocean floor, inviting the hand to explore form.

Simple designs are most appealing to me – the subtleness of the surface and the comfort of stacking multiples. With limitless uses, my pots bring beauty, serenity and celebration to any place in the home. I feel great joy in knowing that coffee is brewed, biscuits are baked, and flowers are picked just because there is a loving place to come home to in pottery. 

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Artist’s Statement

Thank you for visiting the gallery of Palm Beach Ceramic Artist Sara Lerner. Click on the photo categories below to see samples of Sara’s work. Because all pieces are one-of-a-kind, items in this gallery may or may not be currently for sale. Please contact Sara directly for details, or questions regarding special orders. Thank you!

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